State Borrows Another $3.4 Billion

Clout Street is carrying a short story about Quinn standing at the bond counter selling your future and mine.

As of today the State of Illinois is about $120 Billion in debt.  That’s around $9,400 for every man, woman, and child in the state.  And the Governor’s passing out paper making the whole situation worse.

I’m not sure that people really understand how bad this is for the state and everyone in it.  Imagine you or your household living high on-the-hog spending a few extra thousand each month on the credit cards.  A few extra movies, a nicer car, more eating out, etc.  Well what happens when you have to pay all that spending back — with interest!

Because of the interest, the payback is tougher.  The budget cuts must be deeper and it will take longer.

Quinn and his ilk have burdened us for years and years to come.

Now if only we’ll wake-up and do something about it.