Illinois Schools Screw it Up

Thousands of Illinois schools are like mediocre students: Most of their pupils are passing — but not distinguishing themselves — on state achievement exams.

Illinois Standards Achievement Test results set to be released Friday reveal that pushing students to think and perform at higher levels has been elusive for the vast majority of public schools, even in affluent communities with involved parents.

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Long story short, we continue to fall further and further behind.  Why?  Because we are not demanding excellence as all levels of education.  Our schools are run by politicians who’s only goal is to remain in office.  So they appeal to the lowest common denominator in order to attract the greatest number of votes.  In the process, the sell our most gifted students, our best and our brightest, down the river of mediocrity.

We should all be ashamed at how bad our schools function.  The republic cannot survive without fresh leadership.  Currently that leadership is being provided by those who had a private education.  That is not a sustainable model.  Education reform must be our top priority.