More Crime Nonsense

Let’s start with the premise:

Chicago police officials reported today that October crime statistics continued a drop in violent and property crime for the 22nd consecutive month.Total crime dropped by 3.7 percent compared to the same time last year while property crime dropped by 2 percent and violent crimes dropped by 9.8 percent, police said.

The only reported increase was in motor vehicle thefts, which were up by 22.7 percent compared to last year’s figures.

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Daley Watches Crime Stats
Daley Watches Crime Stats

Why this is udder nonsense:

So I’m at the recent Beat 1211 CAPS meeting and the very nice CAPS officer is telling us about the recent success of the extra “hot-spot” protection we’ve been getting over on the West Side.

The officer tells us about 17 calls to 911 within a two square-block area in the month of October dealing with everything from “kids being loud” to a “man with a gun” and one call for “shots fired.”  However the kicker is that these 17 calls resulted in ZERO reports.

Seventeen calls to 911, zero reports.  So you know how the Mayor looks at it?  No reports, no crime.

Perhaps if CPD was not understaffed response time would be reasonable so that when people call 911, you know, an officer shows up in 5 or 10 minutes.  Then maybe the person who called would still be around to, you know, file the report.

Incredible.  Simply incredible.