From you the voter

I was reading this story here at the Sun-Times about how Chicago compares to other cities (we rock by the way.)  And in the comments I found this observation by someone posting as nomoretears:

Chicago is fine, and Chicago needs to worry about being Chicago. We just need new local and state leadership across the board. It would be nice to keep our swankiness but much of old Chicago’s unique charm is slowly slipping away.

The best way to market Chicago is through it’s residents. If the residents love living here, then others will want to spend time here. However, most Chicagoans have been miserable over the past decade because we’ve been getting raped and mistreated by the Daley Administration. If we can get better leadership, leadership that isn’t constantly digging into our pockets, it would certainly improve quality of life here in Chicago. And the Parking meter fiasco must be removed or Chicago will no longer have ANY business.

Mark my word on that one!

Thank you nomoretears.   I think you summed that up nicely.