Girls Getting Cheated at Sports at CPS

The National Women’s Law Center filed complaints against 12 U.S. school districts where district data showed a double-digit gap between the percentage of female students and the percentage of female athletes. According to the complaint, that gap is 33 percentage points in Chicago high schools, the highest among the cited schools.

According to the center, that places CPS in violation of Title IX, the 1972 law that prohibits sexual discrimination in federally funded education programs.

Among the data cited was a decrease in girls sports teams in Chicago from 830 in 2004 to 132 in 2006.

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This is crazy!  It just seems like Mayor Daley was treating the schools like everything else; robbing Peter to pay Paul.  Sports is an integral part of the educational process.  Gery Chico said as much when he talked about his transformational plans for CPS.

Sports not only builds character and gives students something productive to do after school, it is something colleges look at when they are evaluating applicants.  How can CPS students compete (no pun intended) with those coming from schools offering more extra-curricular activities?  Well, they can’t.

Another fine example of how CPS fails our students.