CPD Considers Reallocation of Officers

Police districts on Chicago’s North Side would lose beat officers to South Side and West Side districts if the city were to reallocate cops based on the volume of 911 calls and backups for police service, a Chicago Sun-Times analysis has found.

(Full story here.)

The Second Ward is on both ends of this; Weis probably wants to both take from those in Printer’s Row and give those on the South and West sides.  The facts are what they are and without seeing the details, there is little to evaluate.

However, the question I have is: if this is such a great idea why wasn’t it done two years ago?

This is similar to his “sit down” with “gang leaders” a few months back.  It’s not necessarily a terrible idea in theory, but if HE thought is was a good idea, then why did he wait so long to do it?

Mr. Weis just seems to be grasping at straws.  There is no real clear strategy to deal with crime in this city.  No preemptive plan; no reactionary plan.   I sense attending CAPS meeting that we’re out here on our own.

Very sad.