Fioretti Anti-Building Protection

Powered by a solar-powered device akin to a car battery, the fences send 7,000 volt jolts every 1.3 seconds into the hands of people who touch the fences, which have never proved fatal in the states and cities that allow them….

The systems are allowed in California, other major cities and Illinois suburbs including Bolingbrook, Elmhurst, Rockford and Schaumburg, city officials said. They also are allowed under state law at railroad facilities in Chicago, Burke said.

Ald. Robert Fioretti, 2nd Ward, opposed the measure.

“I’m not convinced this is even useful in the city of Chicago,” he said. “I don’t think this is good for us.”

(Full story here.)

What I trimmed from the article said that these fences would NOT be allowed on the public way.  So it would be impossible to get zapped unless you were already someplace you didn’t belong.

It’s time for everyone, including Alderman Fioretti to realize the theft is a huge expenses to businesses.  Criminals try to steal anything and everything.  And if you cannot secure your property then you will move — outside the city — to someplace where you can.

Further, with the police department 2,500 officers short it takes even longer to respond to calls.  So it’s not like alarms (which are over regulated themselves) are the answer.  The alarm can sound, but when seconds count the police are just minutes away.