ThyssenKrupp (w/ 100 jobs) Coming to Chicago

We actually rock (and we kinda know it.)

Germany-based ThyssenKrupp, a diversified manufacturing company that makes elevators, auto components and carbon steel, will establish a regional headquarters for  North America in Chicago this summer….

The company did not seek financial incentives as it considered more than 20 cities around the U.S. for the regional headquarters.

“We’ve learned not to run where the incentives are or where there is the lowest tax rate,” Gessner said.  “We need the overall picture.  “Weighing in Chicago’s favor are its extensive air service and a highly skilled profession labor pool, Emanuel said.

via Chicago Tribune.

Any way you want to twist this it’s good news.  But sometime we forget the Chicago is a major player globally.  Yes, we have a political problem; and a pension problem; and a crime problem; and a few other little problems.  But so does every other major city on the planet.

… ok, our political and pension problems exceed anywhere else.  But sometimes we need to be reminded that we live in a global city with talent and opportunity that simply doesn’t exist anywhere else.  Well, that and it helps to be located in the middle of the country and have a really really big airport.