Let’s all Welcome ThyssenKrupp to Chicago

As ThyssenKrupp plans to dramatically increase its presence in Chicago it’s finding out just what life here is really like:

… [T]he German-based ThyssenKrupp manufacturing company is facing allegations that company supervisors in the city created a hostile and intimidating work environment for an African-American employee.

A superintendant at ThyssenKrupp used the N-word “routinely” around African-American sales representative Montrelle Reese, according to a November finding by the state Department of Human Rights.

Another supervisor applied brown make-up to his face to make his skin tone darker during a skit at a sales conference in Indianapolis, according to the report, which concluded that there was “substantial evidence” that Reese was harassed because of his race.

Though the supervisor later claimed he was impersonating a rapper of Asian descent from the musical group Linkin Park, the skin-darkening showed the company “fosters an environment of accepted racial intolerance,” the report states.

via Chicago Tribune.

It goes without saying that there’s just no room for this.  We don’t care what flies in Germany; welcome to America.

That said… doesn’t it just seem like every time there’s some good news it’s immediately followed by a story about some moron doing something stupid?  We’re going to have to keep an eye on this story to see where it ends up.  If ThyssenKrupp is found not guilty in the end then it stands to reason that this Reese guy should get run out of town.