Workers Occupy Goose Island Plant

A group of about 65 workers who occupied a Goose Island window factory in 2008 have once again locked themselves inside the plant in a desperate move to save their jobs.

California-based Serious Energy said Thursday it is closing the plant’s doors and consolidating operations in Colorado and Pennsylvania.

via Chicago Tribune.

This is not good on so many levels.  Jobs leaving, union occupying, government failing… etc.

“Ongoing economic challenges in construction and building products, collapse in demand for window products, difficulty in obtaining favorable lease terms, high leasing and utility costs and taxes, and a range of other factors unrelated to labor costs, have compelled Serious to cease production at the Chicago facility,” the company said in a statement.

Isn’t this just a nice way of saying, ‘We can no longer afford to continue to operate this plant in Chicago where it’s incredibility expensive to due business’?

If a company making windows can’t survive in Chicago then what kind of manufacturing jobs can we sustain here?