Occupy Threatens & Sprays St. Louis

Following a confrontation between Occupy protesters and local police last Thursday, vandals have hit the city with frightening pro-Occupy graffiti.

Buildings, walls, and statues have all been defaced.  The city’s public safety director woke up to the words, “Blood on your hands,” sprayed on his front steps.

Similarly, a hundred-year old statue now has the words “class war” scrawled across it, and a door that says “Park Police” now reads, “Only the blood of the rich will stop Occupy.”

via TheBlaze.com.

Photos at the link.

This is of course not the first time the occupy folks have destroyed property or made threats.  The question I have is when will the Occupy loving media begin covering the violence and destruction?  And when will the talking heads on the left begin to denounce these actions?