Chicago Teachers Union Wants to Strike

The Chicago Teachers Union says internal polling shows there is support for a strike if contract talks with Chicago Public Schools break down.

A new state law requires the union to get approval from 75 percent of its members before a strike, leading many to question if the union could muster support for a walkout.

CTU spokeswoman Stephanie Gadlin said members at several schools were polled.

“The preliminary results indicate that if a strike vote were held today, teachers in those schools would vote unanimously for a walkout,” Gadlin said.

via Chicago Tribune.

CTU’s voting block is just as out of touch as the Occupy Movement.

I wrote awhile back about how teachers are overpaid.  Now they want a 30% raise over two years.  Clueless or ambivalent to the financial state of affairs in this town, county, state, country.

I say go ahead and strike.  Show the world what you’re really all about.

3 thoughts on “Chicago Teachers Union Wants to Strike”

  1. Lets keep in mind that the Blog from James is not a true test of Chicago Teachers.
    First, James has never attended Chicago Public schools. His siblings do not attend Chicago Public Schools.
    He has no background, or experience with Chicago Public Schools.
    Why is it that after20 years of service, teachers in suburban schools earn double of a teacher in Chicago Public Shools?

    1. Hummm…. Seems like you’re putting up the straw-man there Frank. i.e. I did not claim to be a “test of Chicago Teachers.” So everything that follows is pretty much blather.

      As for why suburban public school teachers earn double CPS teachers? My guess is that suburban voters are stupid and don’t realize that they don’t need to pay their teachers more. They keep approving tax hike after tax hike and now their taxes are out of control and they don’t realize they have only themselves to blame. Quite sad actually. Well… there’s that, and the Teachers’ Union keeps spending millions of dollars getting their people elected. This creates the giant whirlpool whereby taxpayer money goes to corrupt politicians and public employees (a/k/a public school teachers); the latter pay dues into Union Funds; which in turn pay politicians to raise the salaries of teachers, so they can pay more in the Union Funds, to get more politicians elected, to raise salaries, to pay more, etc. etc. etc.

      The taxpayer get’s washed down the bowl along with the quality of education for the children.

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