Chicago Teachers’ Union Closer to Strike

Both sides have agreed to the appointment of a fact-finding panel that has 75 days to issue a report recommending terms for settlement of the labor contract.

Once that report is issued in the middle of July, the parties have 15 days to accept or reject the panel’s recommendation. If its rejected, the fact-finding panel can publish its recommendation. Thirty days after that, the union is free to strike.

via Chicago Tribune.

Things are heating up, the battle lines have been drawn.  Everyone loves the teachers (who basically babysit their children all day,) but the cost is simply out of control.  The union drives wage inflation which it turn drives tax inflation.  So even though there are far fewer students than a few decades ago, the cost of educating these fewer student is considerably higher.

Chicago continues to slide into Gotham.  A teachers strike could seal the deal.