The Media’s Unholy Relationship with Obama

On the evening of Tuesday, June 30, 2009—just five months into his administration—Barack Obama invited a small group of presidential historians to dine with him in the Family Quarters of the White House. His chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, personally delivered the invitations with a word of caution: the meeting was to remain private and off the record. As a result, the media missed the chance to report on an important event, for the evening with the historians provided a remarkable sneak preview of why the Obama presidency would shortly go off the rails.  …

Over the two-hour dinner, Mr. Obama and the historians discussed several past presidents. It wasn’t clear from Mr. Obama’s responses which of those presidents he identified with. At one point, he seemed to channel the charismatic John F. Kennedy. At another moment, he extolled the virtues of the “transformative” Ronald Reagan. Then again, it was the saintly Lincoln…or the New Deal’s “Happy Warrior,” Franklin Roosevelt….

Mr. Obama told the historians that he had come up with a slogan for his administration. “I’m thinking of calling it ‘A New Foundation,’ ” he said.

Doris Kearns Goodwin suggested that “A New Foundation” might not be the wisest choice for a motto.

“Why not?” the president asked.

“It sounds,” said Goodwin, “like a woman’s girdle.”

via Fox News.

Absolutely amazing the collusion between  these “historians” and a sitting President.  How can they claim to be objective when they participate in such pandering?  Why doesn’t the media point out the obvious problem with these sorts of meetings?  …

That last one I can answer.

Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed:
everything else is public relations.
― George Orwell

There continues to this unholy relationship between the media and Obama specifically and politicians generally.  The media wants, no needs, access to the pols and the pols need access to the media.  It’s a symbiotic relationship where each benefits the other.

The New York Times was just last week busted printing stories whereby national secrets where “leaked” from the White House.  What we have is a major news organization dishing out exactly that the White House wanted printed.  That’s not journalism; that’s public relations.

Thankfully the internet is killing the mainstream media faster than the plague raced across Europe.  At least with citizen journalists the bias is out in the open.  People can make up their own minds considering the source.

2 thoughts on “The Media’s Unholy Relationship with Obama”

  1. It true the media is bringing some reality to the illusion
    however amercans are victims of many generations of
    brainwashing / a cruel crime which done via the 24 / 7
    media as the movie industry which has caused untold
    damage to the brain limiting it’s ability of development.

    For americans there has been little brain development
    for decades people are simply incapable of forming an
    viewpoint they but swallow all the media 24 / 7 offering.

    Its true the internet is a gateway to brain development
    that americans are beginning to free themselves from
    govt as military domination / yet they have a mountain
    to climb before truly see as understand their situation.

    With BARACK the right to a trial having been removed
    one but left to rot in a prison cell deprived of all rights.

    In expanding the power of president of govt BARACK
    can now have have any individual murdered ( this is
    justifed / classified as (lawful murder) which but done
    in the defence of democracy /thus such crime (lawful)
    murder not only confined to americans /but unto any
    individual worldwide seen as an threat to democracy.

    The problem in a illusion of gaining world domination
    reality takes a very poor second place in time illusion
    becomes the reality such being the present situation
    for americans /the struggle betwixt illusion and reality
    it unfortunate the people are drugged with illusion by
    the media as movie industry / thus they have an task
    in gaining their freedom // yet there being no choice.

    With illusion america be as the TITANIC / that heads
    for the ICEBERG. Thus no choice but that in gaining
    freedom / the needed continuation as an resumption
    of brain development thus a open door to the future
    giving greater depths of understanding & experience.

    One’s not gaining by brainwashing / one is but losing
    the aim of creation in understanding its true intention
    of humanity to reach their goal /that of enlightenment.

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