Obama Must Speak Out on Chicago Carnage


Obama Must Speak Out on Chicago Carnage That Kills Too Many Kids

via The Daily Beast.

The story in generally not worth reading.

But my comment is:

  1. Chicago has the most restrictive gun control laws in the country. What’s needed is not any new laws but enforcement of the current laws. Find me one — any one single — murder committed in Chicago with a legally held firearm. You can’t!! Enforce the laws already on the books and violence will decrease.

  2. Chicago has not elected a single Republican in over 40 years. There is no way that the NRA or the GOP is in any way responsible for the gun violence in Chicago. The violence in Chicago is the direct result of 60 years of unchecked modern liberalism. First Detroit, then Chicago, then Oakland, then … 

The people voted for Chicago politics in Obama. They got what they voted for.