Inner City Kids and a Catholic School

God Bless John Kass:

When Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis led her members out on strike this week, she said real school would be closed.

“Negotiations have been intense but productive,” she said. “However, we have failed to reach an agreement that will prevent a labor strike. Real school will not be open (Monday).”

Real school? You mean that public system where four of 10 students don’t graduate?

Since real school wasn’t open, I was compelled to visit an unreal school.A South Side school where 100 percent of the students graduate, and 100 percent are accepted to college. A Roman Catholic all-boys school that draws from poor and working-class neighborhoods, a school where there are no cops or metal detectors, no gang recruitment, no fear.

An unreal school that is mostly black, but with a smattering of whites and Latinos, and where every student who sees a stranger in the halls goes up to the newcomer, introduces himself, shakes his hand, looks him in the eye and calls him Mister.

via Chicago Tribune.

It is unethical and criminal that our children are forced into failing schools when they have the real opportunity to have an excellent education.  Vouchers would make real Obama’s rhetoric of every child having a fair chance.

Kass exposes the reality of the situation:  this has nothing to due with educating children… it’s about politics.

For shame.


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  1. I’ve been saying this for years…whats the harm with vouchers? Catholic schools have always been the way to go.

    And they save taxpayers billions of dollars…if people only realized this….

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