Shakedown on the West Side

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One of Chicago’s food deserts may not be getting a grocery store after all.  After years of wrangling, Pete’s Fresh Market broke ground on a site located at Western & Madison on Chicago’s West Side.  Neighbors had waged a 5 year battle to bring a grocery store to that location.  Alderman Bob Fioretti was on hand for the groundbreaking ceremony.  But it all came to a screeching halt last week after the store’s owner was threatened not only by local thugs, but by the city itself.

A week ago the store’s site, exactly three miles west of the center of the city, had a construction trailer and several pieces of heavy equipment.  “They worked every day.  Even on weekends.” said a local resident who’s townhouse overlooks the site.  Sunday, the site was just another barren parcel of land which appear to cover the West Side.  The only remnant of construction is a single port-o-let.  Rumors swirl about the neighborhood whether or not construction may resume anytime soon.  Residents fear that they may have lost the only chance they had at getting a grocery store.

After an arduous process taking years, Pete’s Fresh Market was selected for the site.  Several cut-rate or second tier grocers expressed interest however neighborhood residents feared that such a business would send the wrong message.  Like many gentrifying neighborhoods it can be hard to find the right balance between long-time residents who wish to remain and keep property values, and property taxes, level and urban pioneers who are looking to see some return on their investment.  Pete’s seemed like a natural fit.  It’s selection had the support of nearly all in the neighborhood.

After the ground-breaking the neighborhood was excited about seeing their new store take shape.  Locals talked while walking their dogs, on porches and patios, and on the phone.  Emails were exchanged about everything from the construction fence going up to the equipment arriving on site.  Photos were taken and news releases sent.  “After being here for nine years I’m really looking forward to being able to walk to the grocery store.” said local resident Jim Bosco.

The situation changed last week when Pete’s got hit with a one-two punch.

First, a group of gentlemen who claim to be from the neighborhood stopped by the site and demanded jobs.  They appeared to be organized; not just a few guys walking down the street looking for work.  They came to the site, knew who to ask for, and demanded to be given jobs.  Pete’s owner happened to be on site and suggested they fill out applications for employment; he even provided them with the forms.  The group was told however that unless they were licensed, insured, and bonded that they could not be employed for construction work.  That was unacceptable to the group and they began to get loud, pushy, and generally belligerent.

When the group was asked to leave the situation escalated.  One of the group’s members brandished a handgun.  Another told Pete’s owner that if they weren’t given jobs they would break every store window after it was open.  Only after the group was informed that police had been called did they break-up and disappear into the streets and alleys.

Putting the unsettling experience behind them, Pete’s owner and the construction crew got back to work.  However a few hours later they would be interrupted again, this time by a city Streets & Sanitation inspector.  Pete’s was having a bad day; because the inspector proceeded to write Pete’s for 21 violations.

That was too much for Pete’s owner to bear.  Business owners can deal with a few bullies who are looking for a handout.  However no business can survive in this city when someone in power deliberately makes life difficult.  Given the archaic and byzantine nature of Chicago’s codes any property is subject to numerous code violations at all times.  Further, it doesn’t even matter if you’re fully in compliance.  If the city writes the violation, you have to stop/ what you’re doing and head to building court.  That takes time away from your business and is expensive.

Pete’s decided it was not wi/lling to fight city hall.  It pulled the plug on construction, removed the equipment, and now the residents question whether or not they will get their grocery store.

The local residents don’t believe in coincidences.

Thanks to the ward remapping, Pete’s is in the “old” 2nd Ward and the “new” 27th Ward.  This means that in addition to Alderman Fioretti, who spearheaded the new store, Alderman Walter Burnett is also well aware of Pete’s construction.  It also just so happens that the ring-leader of the group of thugs who showed up at Pete’s is known acquaintance of Ald. Burnett’s ASSISTANT chief of staff.  Further, those in the know have heard rumors for years about Ald. Burnett shaking down other business owners for everything from using the right valet service to hiring the right contractors.

Many local residents believe that Ald. Burnett was directly involved in the attempted extortion of Pete’s.  They wonder why it is that Burnett is able to keep his job when so many of these stories are floating around openly.  If the ward remap stands as it is, Ald. Burnett is going to have some explaining to do to folks who live in this neighborhood as to why he’s perhaps ruined their chances of getting a quality grocery store.



THIS POST UPDATED on 09/27/2012:  I learned that Ald. Burnett’s “chief of staff: was incorrect.  It was in fact Ald. Burnett’s Assistant Chief of Staff who is not only knows the thugs trying to shakedown Pete’s but WAS ACTUALLY ON SITE WITH THEM.  New post here.

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  1. Wow – I received an email from HOW yesterday [HOW United would like to inform everyone that there is a situation developing regarding the construction of the Pete’s Fresh Market at the corner of Western and Madison. Some of you may have heard rumors regarding events at the construction site late last week. HOW United is aware of the issue and working with our local and state elected officials to determine exactly what happened and how best to assure that construction will proceed on schedule.], but definitely did not think this scenario could be the situation! Ridiculous.
    I’ve lived here for 5.5 years – this neighborhood has such potential, but it seems our neighbors are working against achieving it….

  2. The best way to deal with this is an INSPECTOR GENERAL COMPLAINT. Contact the Commissioner of S&S and ask him to get involved. He is a wonderful man and as an ex cop would know how to get this investigated.

    Our Mayor should also step in. If this is another union attack or non-union attack…or whatever crap it is…maybe the Feds should also get involved.

  3. Thank You for sharing this. I live in the 2nd ward. I had a feeling something was going to happen like this. This area is so corrupt with gang affilations. The only one who is not corrupt is Alderman Fioretti. The rest are all bums. This would not be happening if the ward map had not changed. The 2nd ward got the shaft for sure.

  4. Here is the information for filing a complaint via online, phone or mail/fax:

    A complaint may be filed with this Office in writing, preferably on an OEIG complaint form, or orally. You may file a complaint by (i) completing a form online at, (ii) calling the Office’s toll-free hotline (866) 814-1113; (iii) sending a completed complaint form to the Office of Executive Inspector General for the Agencies of the Illinois Governor, Attention Complaint Division, 32 West Randolph, Suite 1900, Chicago, Illinois 60601; (iv) faxing a completed complaint form to (312) 814-5479; (v) contacting the Office by telecommunications device for the disabled (TTY) at (888) 261-2734 or (vi) visiting the Office at its Springfield or Chicago locations.

  5. Here is how to file a complaint via online form, phone or mail/fax:

    A complaint may be filed with this Office in writing, preferably on an OEIG complaint form, or orally. You may file a complaint by (i) completing a form online at, (ii) calling the Office’s toll-free hotline (866) 814-1113; (iii) sending a completed complaint form to the Office of Executive Inspector General for the Agencies of the Illinois Governor, Attention Complaint Division, 32 West Randolph, Suite 1900, Chicago, Illinois 60601; (iv) faxing a completed complaint form to (312) 814-5479; (v) contacting the Office by telecommunications device for the disabled (TTY) at (888) 261-2734 or (vi) visiting the Office at its Springfield or Chicago locations.

  6. My name is Diamond and I am the Chief of Staff to Alderman Walter Burnett, Jr. First, let me inform you that I am not an acquaintance nor have I had any conversations with the ring-leader of the group of thugs you said who showed up at Pete’s. You should get your facts straight before you start stating lies.

    Alderman Burnett has an impeccable reputation as Alderman and is very offended by the lies you are stating in your blog. You should have the businesses come forward to support your lies about Alderman Burnett shaking down business owners. An Alderman could not continue to be Alderman with all the corruption you say occurs in a Ward.

    Any residents who believe that Alderman Burnett was directly involved with an attempted extortion of Pete’s can come and meet with him individually or in a group. In fact, Alderman Burnett invites any one including you Mr. Bosco to come and meet with him to get the truth.

    A major development project cannot happen without a community meeting, community involvement and approval. This has been one of Alderman Burnett’s procedures when it comes to major construction in the 27th Ward for the past 16 years.

    Alderman Burnett has two ward nights available for people to have access to see him in addition to scheduling appointment. Anyone can contact his office at 312 432-1995 to get correction information.

    I advise you Mr. Bosco to get your information correct and to stop spreading rumors and get the facts first before writing your next blog.

    1. Diamond:
      What’s it like to be working for “Alderman A”?
      Knowing that the feds have your office phone lines bugged, do you have high cell phone bills?
      In today’s SunTimes, your boss admits that he had a staff member on site during the confrontation involving a gun and threats to a construction crew.
      Do you realize that you will be called as a witness to testify against your boss someday in the future?

      We eagerly look forward to your reply.

  7. That is interesting Diamond. You must know the thugs that attempted the extortion. Otherwise, how would you know that you did not know the ringleader? How did you learn their identity and when did you learn their identity? Before they appeared at the location? Did you or the Alderman have anything to do with the appearance of the Inspector?

  8. Oh so typical for Chicago. Pete’s owner probably did not pay his bribe money to these career scam Alderman’s and the rest of the corrupt City gangsters.
    Being in building court myself for over 3 years I know how it works when city inspectors and the other gangsters ask you for pocket contribution. They should just open up another Liquor store on the west side. You go Mr. Rahm Emanuel !

  9. @ Marinauser; My reply is related to the blog that you (James Bosco) wrote. I reply to all the lies and assumption that you wrote without getting the facts. It’s not hard to follow that but you must know something I don’t.

  10. I live in the old 2nd ward and now the new 25th ward and on the border of the 27th ward. I have meet with with both Alderman Fioretti and Alderman Burnett about various issues in the past. I find this blog entry to be based on nothing but innuendo and misstatements. Pete’s did not get so many stores in Chicago by packing it up over people asking for jobs or a ticket from Streets and Sans. As for the Streets and Sans Inspector, my understanding is that depending on the citation, there might have been a stop work order. Just because we all want Pete’s to be built doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t follow the law or take shortcuts regarding construction safety and debris. And at this point, we don’t even know if they were written up and why. If someone got hurt on the work site, people will be crying that it was corruption that they weren’t written up.

    The main reason I was driven to write is that this slander of people’s character based on rumor, innuendo and half-truths need to stop. People hate politics already. Don’t go around slandering people with baseless claims. For the record, I can also claim to be a known
    acquaintance of both Alderman Burnett and Alderman Fioretti since I met them a couple of times.

    This is not a shakedown…it’s bad blogging.

    1. How do you know everything Charles? Where you there? Where you a witness? I see you made your judgement and decision without a legal investigation.

  11. Diamond, If you are going to take the time to reply, why not answer the questions that I posed? Sorry, its not my blog, just asking questions when you post something that is illogical. Again, how can you know that you did not know the ringleader unless you know the identity of the person that was the ringleader? Who was the ringleader? Also, were you or the alderman involved in causing the appearance of the city inspector? Simple questions that you should be willing to answer since you were so quick to call someone else a liar. Or perhaps you are just some ten year old child sitting around laughing at playing games and not who you claim to be.

  12. This is all so silly. File an Inspector General Complaint with the City of Chicago against the S&S Inspector who wrote the tickets if you believe the S&S Department was involved in a shakedown. Email the S&S Commissioner. I am sure he would be interested in getting to the bottom of this rumor.

    Ask the Inspector General to research what happened. There should be photographs of the problems on the site to validate the ticket at administrative hearing. There should have been a complaint in order for the Inspector to go to the site. You can find out who filed the complaint…and have the relationship between the S&S ticket issuer and the complaintant investigated.

    The west side is so corrupt. These kinds of shakedowns do happen. But…who is the source remains to be determined.

    Walter Burnett fosters development so it is highly unlikely that he would stop a project that would successfully bring sales tax dollars to any ward…everyday. He also spends alot of time trying to help communities access funding for all. I think his ward goes even to the gold coast so to infer he engages in dirty tricks to get work for the unskilled doesn’t make sense. He worked successfully with famous architect Helmet Jahn to build a homeless shelter at North/Clyborn a few years back. It is a building for history books. He has started economic development along what is now called the Kedzie Corridor. Don’t see any other west side politicians who have been able to serially develop: Shopping center, Library, NFP center for women, Housing for low income, New High School, Art on Franklin Parkway, VA housing…..all along Kedzie/Chicago. Please note this are all on the east side of Kedzie. The west side is a different alderman and not much has happened on that side of the street.

    Fioretti is a WONDERFUL ALDERMAN TOO. He cares about his ward and appears to be “not well thought of” in some circles because as he works for the BEST for his constituents; some of his quests to bring more to his costituents; flies in the face of some of the established policies and procedures. That makes enemies. So the real question is…who are the aldermens’ enemies? Are they trying to sandbag him/them? I saw first hand how Percy Giles got sandbaged by the Democratic party and was left out to dry.

    An example of Fiorettis’ tireless efforts is the new ordinance requiring the POLICE BOARD to be transparent. He and Dowel passed this reform. Now, residents can go to a public meeting, give a testimony, and the Board can ask CPD to respond. This is a MIRACLE for breaking the gridlock between police public statements and the service we actually get. There are dozens of youtube videos showing open/flagrant gang and drug activities all over the west side where almost nobody gets arrested.

    This was a REALLY BIG DEAL.

    If the S&S Inspector is found guilty of abuse of power, he should loose his job. We pay lots of union people to do a job, they don’t do the job, and then we pay them lifetime pensions. Whoever put the inspector up to this (IF AND ONLY IF) it was a political shakedown should be charged too. There is also a question if the Inspector was looking for a you know what…and that word starts with a b and ends with an e.

    Lots of people try to trouble make between people. It is part of the dirty politics in Chicago. It is a tough game. Rumors oftentimes are not true. Sometimes petty, mean, vindictive people are jealous and make trouble. Now friend…is why it took 10 years to get that parcel at Madison/Western up and started.

    Google search: Chicago Magazine, Politicians, 2011 and you can see their article that infers a relationship between gang/drug people and politicians. If you are using that as a source to make these claims…perhaps you should head into the desperate wards where drug dealers control the streets and CPD does nothing. Bang the drum on that real story. Google Search: Goudie, ktown avenger, David and you can see lots of gang and drug activity open and flagrant occuring 24/7 with no arrests by the police.

    That is a really big story! Stories like that hit headlines with Chicago being such a dangerous violent city; while the media makes quotes that we imagine these things, and just don’t help enough and are wrong.

    JIM help us with that one! Please.

    Bosco tell your source to file an Inspector General Complaint. That will get the ball rolling.

    Large construction projects fall under the Davis Beacon Act. That act requires a certain standard and wage rate for contractors working on large projects in Chicago. Hint, hint…this law favors expensive UNION labor. Owners and Developers cannot go against the law and must follow Davis Beacon Act. Davis Beacon is one of the reasons neighborhood people are shut out of jobs and union high rate labor only gets the jobs. It is also a reason why it costs so darn much to build in Chicago too!

    So, this is really an issue of union and non-union labor. Beats the heck out of me why the unemployed who are non-union doin’t elect politicians who will KILL Davis Beacon in blight zones. Maybe someone can sponsor an exemption from Davis Beacon Act in blight zones of a certain low income demographic base.

    The cost of construction would be much cheaper without all the layers of EXPENSIVE labor. That would benefit ALL OF US (except the union worker).

    Swivel your head around on the west and south sides of Chicago. See if residents living in these parts of town have a good job done on their blocks and on their streets. Doesn’t look like it to me.

    THANK-U for raising this issue. Maybe it can put to bed once and for all some rumors. Maybe it will strike a victory for neighborhood people against corruption. Mind u now, some get steamrollered and convicted…because they were out of favor with the machine. Illinois is also the state Least Likely to get Justice…or #2. I think Louisiana took the #1 position. Not sure if this distinction was 2 or 3 years ago or today.

  13. This has to be the most scurrilous yellow journalism I have seen in a long time. My only question is how a gadfly like you managed to even originally get on a ballot,

    You got on the ballot, then you grew a yellow streak just like you did now , you endorsed another candidate and between the two of you, you guys couldn’t even manage 1k votes

    This is yellow unsubstantiated journalism, no different than Fox News

    The Jesuits at Marquette and St. Iggys would be ashamed of you that you would impugn the character of Alderman Burnett,

    Walter and I have butted heads in the past on various issues, but I have found him to be a man of high character, it seems that you are trying to sully his reputation in an effort to maybe get 1001 votes against him, your horrendous effort at character assassination is unremarkable. This is why the voters of the 2nd ward considered you a pariah in the 2011 elections.

    You are a failure, and you wish to take out your shortcomings on others, this is clear.

    the Alderman got 70% for a reason, and it’s obvious now why you dropped out, you are a loose cannon, even the people on everyblock saw that, they saw through you and that you are nothing more than a charlatan

    It’s a shame you were not paying attention in ethics class up in Milwaukee, Your Scott Walker like tactics will not play here……..

    1. LMAO!! Thanks for the laugh Tony.

      I love the way you defend my “character assassination” by attacking my character. I guess you never learned the golden rule back in school.

      In all the comments here and on everyblock, not a single person claimed that my facts were wrong. Not one person denied that a group of thugs went to the site and demanded jobs. No one denied that they were offered job applications. No one denied that one had a handgun. No denied that shortly after the thugs left that Pete’s was cited for violations. No one denied that as a result of all the actions Pete’s has stopped construction.

      In fact, no one has flatly denied that Alderman Walter Burnett was involved.

      People have attacked me personally. People have defended Alderman Burnett.

      But NO ONE has disputed a single fact in my post.


      Also worth mentioning Tony, is that I control this blog. I could have very easily just “rejected” your comment and the world would have never seen it. But I respect your opinion and defend you right to say it publicly Tony. I disagree with you but even so, gave you the forum to stand up and state your opinion.

      My question to you Tony is would you do the same for me?

  14. Jim, I don’t know all the facts, so I do not have the capacity to defend them, you are going clearly on hearsay and innuendo, so apparently you are not fully aware of the facts either

    as for character assassination, it’s not very difficult to insult a man of your diminutive character

    I am saddened that you find my comments so mirthful, I think you should re-examine your priorities, if you find my commentary biting and acerbic, it do not apologize, there was a purpose for that, as I stated previous your purulent attempt at journalism is repugnant and fully deserving of the derision I have shown you

    And yes you could have rejected my comment, but if would have only shown your cowardice, You posted my comment but decided to follow it with your sardonic reply,

    My opinion of you has sadly not changed………

    1. I see. I reported by the same standard as any major news outlet. When the Trib or Suntimes reports on anything the reporter writing the story was not personally there. Everything they report is in fact hearsay. In fact, reporters often get information from people themselves who were not there. e.g. Whenever Rahm or McCarthy speak about a shooting, they were not personally there however the all major media carry their comments and opinions. Do you personally attack reporters who write a story you don’t like?

      It’s clear that I have more facts about this story than you. Yet you claim that I don’t know what I’m talking about while you acknowledge that you actually have no idea what you’re talking about.

      You sir have chosen the easy route and attacked me rather than the facts b/c you sir appear to be intellectually lazy. Instead of finding out the facts for yourself it’s easier to blame the messenger. It speaks to your character which I shall not judge but note and let others judge for themselves.

      You appear to be intelligent and capable of understanding logic but for some reason chose not use it. Nothing sir would ever be able to change your mind. And for that reason sir I could not possibly care less what you think of me.

  15. Responsible journalists generally corroborate facts before they report facts, apparently, you do not believe in these codes of ethics.

    As you stated if “Rahm or McCarthy were McCarthy were to state that the “Loch Ness Monster” was terrorizing the lake front, a responsible reporter would authenticate,these facts.

    You have invented in your mind a similar specter in your mind in the embodiment of Alderman Burnett and the Department of Streets and Sanitation, disturbingly, you have refused to substantiate these alleged facts before you reported them on this august forum.

    I have taken the time to carefully examine the facts, and it seems this project has been rife with problems, since it’s inception, I find it strange that you have so virulently championed their cause, Do you have some interest in this project, either overtly or covertly?

    After perusing your site, I can see that you are clearly to the right of me politically. Is this an issue of Pete’s being a non-union shop that provides your rationale for you championing their alleged plight?

    I do feel that your hypothesis of attaching to Alderman Burnett to be fallacious at best, malicious at the very least,

    It seems to me that this project has been under a very large amount of scrutiny since it’s inception as documented in various media accounts. Your attempt to correlate this recent delay to an alderman who will not represent this area for approximately 2.5 years is spurious at best.

    One must ask why the powers that be in two City Hall Administrations, I do understand that community leaders such as the Neighbors Development Network have clamored for development have clamored for development such as this on this particular parcel.

    But the city has resisted this specific development over a two year period. As I stated previously, what is the background on this, is the contractor faulty, have there been problems in previous construction projects in terms of code? Have they kept their end of the bargain in terms of sidewalk construction and the like?

    One must ask themselves, why you have attached this disparaging blame on a man who does not even have an interest in this parcel vis a vis the new map, as it does not go into effect until 2015.

    In closing, I do reiterate the fact that I hope that your passion is not driven by an interest in this parcel, whether it be pecuniary or not

  16. To Tony,

    You seem to be out of loop about the delays pertaining to the parcels of land at Western and Madison. This project has moved at a snails pace since it’s inception which as I know has been more then 2.5 years ago. I was getting petitions signed for Pete’s as far back as 2008.
    These parcels had unknown owners and owners unwilling to sell. Another neighborhood group which is not Ndn was in constant conflict with what homeowners in the area wanted.
    I personally do not know James Bosco but I do know the way Senator Hendon, Alderman Smith, Congressman Danny Davis,Alderman Haithcock, and Alderman Burnett have been do nothings for this area for YEARS!
    The only Alderman that has done anything for the 2nd ward is Alderman Fioretti. Whether Mr. Bosco argrees or not is my concern. I have seen a multitude of improvements in this area since Fioretti became my alderman. The above mentioned alderman, sentator, and congressman should take a page from Fioretti.

    To me it is clear their was a shakedown. I dont understand why you find it so unbelievable, this is Chicago, many alderman have thugs working for them.

  17. Is there another construction company owned by a community activist in the area? I seem to remember someone who I will not mention by name. This person and his group worked against Ndn to not get Petes. When the Stadium came down this activist made sure he got his city lots in the deal to build the United Center. Didnt his company build Pheonix military academy down the street.?

  18. I have read all the comments, replies and the two newspaper articles about Pete’s. The bottom line is that Mr. Bosco who ran against Alderman Fioretti and lost miserably is trying to set himself up for another attempt of running for Alderman. This time he has a new opponent and is trying to cause trouble by blaming Alderman Burnett. If you read both newspaper articles, it doesn’t even mention Alderman Burnett or the accusations that Mr. Bosco is saying in his blog.

    In fact the Chicago Journal article says that the attorney for Pete’s says that all the tickets were previously given and the company is trying to correct and they were not newly issued tickets the way Mr. Bosco said in his blog.

    Mr. Bosco thinks that the people are stupid and will believe anything he writes without researching. Mr. Bosco is real arrogant to think that the residents will fall for his trickery. I am a long time resident of the area and I know what’s going on in my neighborhood and right now it’s about Mr. Bosco starting trouble. Can you imagine what he will do if he ever became an Alderman? Nice try but it will not work Mr. Bosco!!!

  19. The article by the Suntimes DOES mention Ald Burnett ….

    “Burnett said he had a staff member on site for one of the incidents because Pete’s called and requested his help. While Burnett backs the development, he said he’s deferring to Fioretti on matters pertaining to
    the city.

    Several people, including Burnett, identified a local activist as a ringleader of the group that confronted the construction crews. I’m not identifying him because I could not reach him for his side.”

  20. I am shaking my head in complete dismay. I truly don’t believe this was one big coincidence. If everything mentioned is true, Burnett and his thug cronies should be doing federal time in prison. This is why Chicago has the reputation for corruption and f*ckery.

  21. Pete’s Fresh Market has a very storied history of sexual harassment, ethnic discrimination, worker abuse, poor health code adherence, and illegal union-quashing practices. Complaints against the company are mounting, and there are grumbles about employee intimidation and sexual harassment at their new Oakbrook Terrace location.

    So, Jim, if you’re going to pretend, without any corroborating evidence, that the Alderman had anything to do with this, in the face of Pete’s Fresh Market’s history of unethical and illegal conduct, as an attempt to whip up a campaign for yourself, you’re going to find yourself on the losing end of a massive PR hit.

    Suits against Pete’s Fresh Market, for several different legal violations, are coming.

    You might want to look these people up before you toss your lot in with them in an attempt to mount a campaign based on a conspiracy theory.

    1. Hey Fed Up,

      I’m not tossing in with anyone. I’m just reporting the facts. Burnett’s second in command has admitted to being there. Standing arm-in-arm with Mark Carter trying to shakedown Pete’s.

      Whether Pete’s is or is not a reputable employer is not the question. Even assuming Pete’s is the devil, does that justify Mark Carter and the Alderman’s #2 shaking them down? Do two wrongs make a right?

      Besides, this story is essentially over. Pete’s is working. The neighborhood will soon have a grocery store and a few more jobs. No thanks to thugs who want to take the law into their own hands.

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