SUV as Deadly Weapon

Two people were struck by a hit-and-run driver after a fight outside a River North neighborhood bar early Sunday morning, police said.

via Chicago Tribune.

Although it’s not reported here, the news from police on the scene is that this was a street fight where the fight’s loser went to his car and then used it to run over the fight’s winner.

Another example of people who are intent on hurting other people proving they can do so without using a firearm.

One thought on “SUV as Deadly Weapon”

  1. This is not an ordinary car, this is an assault vehicle. It’s purpose is to inflict as much damage as possible on a hapless pedestrian in the shortest amount of time. And to transport. So I think reasonable people can agree that cars of this type (as well as any we later deem necessary) need to be strictly controlled. Registration, suv-owner safety class, background check, waiting period, strict limits on the number of suv’s owned, suv-owner identification cards, and the same with the fuel.
    It’s what reasonable people would agree to.

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