CCW in Illinois? Without State Action?

In the only state that doesn’t let its residents walk around with concealed firearms, a northwest Illinois county could become the testing ground for gun enthusiasts who want a clean sweep for their Second Amendment rights.  …

The county has scheduled a pair of hearings this month to determine whether it should allow people to carry guns within Winnebago borders. The proposed ordinance – which was written after officials received a petition with more than 11,000 signatures this year – would contradict state law.  …

Webster, a local tree nursery owner and a longtime National Rifle Association member, wrote the proposed ordinance himself after receiving the petition in August. It would let people carry guns in Winnebago if they had proper training and possessed a Utah permit, which is recognized in neighboring Midwestern states and has no residency requirements.

via Chicago Tribune.

People are clever.  Even in Illinois.  I have a Utah CCW, and a Florida.  I also have a few other tricks up my sleeve which means I’m generally able to carry most of the time.  But this is good news for law abiding citizens of Winnebago County.

This sort of movement could move statewide.  I can see a result whereby it was legal to carry in some counties but not all.  Such a decision would force the state to act.  This is basically what happened in Ohio, California, and few other states prior to those states creating their own CCW laws.

Going to be confusing for awhile here.  But this is a step in the right direction.