Gov. Regulation Run Amok: 6,125 New Regs. in 90 Days

It’s Friday morning, and so far today, the Obama administration has posted 165 new regulations and notifications on its website.

In the past 90 days, it has posted 6,125 regulations and notices – an average of 68 a day.


Shear insanity.

Makes me think of the old Guns & Roses song Signs.

We’re no longer free.  Very sad.

2 thoughts on “Gov. Regulation Run Amok: 6,125 New Regs. in 90 Days”

  1. How dishonest can you be? Have you actually read the list of what you are calling new regulations? They include the repeal of regulations, adopting new FEMA flood elevations, granting extensions of exemptions among other rule changes that you might even consider to be deregulation. And you also include “notices” in your count! So do you thing that government agencies should not have to provide public notices? It is sad that you would equate this with losing your freedom.

  2. Here’s a quick run down from the website itself:
    Last 7 days – 55 New Rules & 49 Proposed New Rules
    Last 14 days – 134 New Rules & 97 Proposed New Rules
    Last 30 days – 286 New Rules & 200 Proposed New Rules
    Last 90 days – 929 New Rules & 708 Proposed New Rules

    I stand by my comments; this is government run amok.

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