Black Leaders Oppose Gun Control


“There is a direct correlation between Gun Control and Black People Control.”

“Black Codes to deny the Second Amendment to recently freed slaves.”

“When they take our guns is when they will take our God.  And that is when America will fight back.”

Amen to that!!

Not since Lincoln has a president so divided the country into people for and against their government.  Maybe it’s something about presidents from Illinois.  Don’t know.  Don’t care.  But what we need is someone who can unite us as the ways we are all similar far exceed the ways we are different.  But the greatest way to all get along is to may sure that each person is free.  We much give each other liberty.  And right now it appears that being free from the government would be the greatest thing of all.


One thought on “Black Leaders Oppose Gun Control”

  1. According to the constitution the Supreme Court interprets the law. To argue this fact is anti-American. You cannot have atom bombs. The Court simply said no right is not absolute. Having a debate about where the line should be drawn on private ownership of weapons is an exercise in free speech. Inflammatory Rhetoric degrades the debate.

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