Stripping Chicago Spending, Bare Down

What do a Chicago strip club
and the President’s campaign fund have in common?

ANSWER:  BOTH were paid- with public funds- as “VENDORS” to the City of Chicago.

Yesterday, upgraded it’s transparency portal to include the City of Chicago checkbook from 2002-2011.

It contains $74 billion in vendor payments. Last year 69,800 entities received checks.

Here’s what I found while scanning the data…

The City of Chicago approved checks to both The Admiral Theatre Inc, a Chicago strip club, and Obama For America, the president’s campaign organization. According to data received, both share the same “vendor code.”  Yet, neither organization exists in Chicago’s current transparency portal: click here and here.


The Admiral Theatre strip club received $5,197.78 in City of Chicago checks. Sixteen checks range from $1.20 to $1,900. A buck twenty?

See a database of City payments to The Admiral here.


The check to Obama for America raises more questions. The campaign received a $1,000 check on August 28th, 2007. For some reason, theydidn’t disclose this to the Federal Election Commission: click here, and Open Secrets- here.

Click here for my Freedom of Information Act Request seeking more information. See the detailed accounting data surrounding the check: vendor code, transaction id, PO#, fund, department, amount, check number, and date.


Surely, the City will have some sort of explanation. Because, public funds used for campaign purposes violates federal and state law. And, we know that no Illinois or city worker would ever violate those laws, right?


The City has five days to respond to our request for additional information. I can barely wait for the naked truth.

You can search for yourself at


Chairman | For The Good of Illinois PAC


Korrupt Kane Kounty GOP

Does the Kane County Board Chairmanship come with a license to print campaign cash?

Karen McConnaughay must think so.

So many county vendors became campaign contributors that the Daily Herald Editorial Board wrote, “We encourage McConnaughay to quit taking money from county vendors…”

She’s now running for state senate on a track record of presiding over a legalized money laundering scheme™. Here are the details–

In 2004, McConnaughay won election as Kane County Board Chairperson. From 2004-2009, the salary of Phil Bus- county development director- was spiked 71% from $93,481 to $158,923, graph.

Then Phil Bus retired (2009) on the largest pension in Kane County history- $113,277/ year, proof. The salary spiking had padded his pension. But only two months later, Bus was re-hired by the county on lucrative consulting contracts. Look up FoxPlans, LLC by year, here.

Sourced by a local newspaper, Bus’ wife and brother (Randall) contributed $9,300 in campaign cash to McConnaughay. We confirmed $4800 from the state board website.

The Bus brother Randall’s engineering company, according to published reports, became the “go-to consultant on almost every unincorporated county subdivision plan”. We sourced tens of thousands of dollars in “consulting” payments flowing from Kane County.

Karen McConnaughay’s political paradigm isn’t new to the GOP. Governors Thompson-Edgar-Ryan pioneered the patronage model. The Republican Party then split between political bosses who needed taxes to fund patronage, and our conservative, productive, tax-paying base.

You can’t reform Illinois if you don’t reform the IL GOP. And, you can’t reform the Republican Party if you elect politicians like Karen McConnaughay.

via McConnaughay Money Magic.

Have we had enough of this yet?  It’s the political machine in Illinois that must be destroyed.

Kudos to Adam Andrzejewski for bringing this to the light of day.