Obama Releases Al Qaeda Killer of U.S. Soldier

Omar Khadr was recently released from Gitmo.  What did he do again?

Khadr killed Sergeant First Class (SFC) Christopher Speer. Khadr’s advocates said this wasn’t true because Khadr was incapacitated during al Qaeda’s firefight with American troops. But they were wrong. Khadr ultimately admitted that he killed SFC Speer.

While Khadr killed one American medic, his life was saved by others. Khadr would not be alive today if U.S. medics had not saved him from extensive wounds.  …

A videotape recovered in Afghanistan showed Khadr assembling improvised explosive devices (IEDs) for al Qaeda.

via The Weekly Standard.

What can ya say?  I mean really!

This piece of garbage is going to go right back to killing U.S. troops and civilians.  Perhaps this is Obama’s plan to screw things up for the next guy.  Release all the lunatic haters back into the wild; after all, he got a Nobel Peace Prize and then went on to kill dozens and dozens people  — including American citizens — with drones.

There is something very very wrong with a situation whereby the president is alone deciding who gets set free and who gets targeted for death.

But putting the policy aside… why the hell did we release this killer?