Alderman Ervin’s Maywood ‘Drug House’

For Ald. Jason Ervin, who represents a large swath of Chicago’s troubled West Side, drug activity in the area hits particularly close to home.

That’s because until recently, Ervin owned what police and others portray as a “drug house” in nearby Maywood.

During the decade or so that Ervin owned the three-flat at 1600 W. Madison in the Near West suburb, police were called to the property or the immediate vicinity roughly 150 times, often for drug-related incidents, but also for gunshots, assaults, trespassing and thefts, among other matters, according to records from the Village of Maywood.via Chicago Sun-Times.

Those looking for another reason to not vote for Ald. Self Serving Jason Ervin.

Welcome to The Machine.  The Machine like Mr. Ervin because he will do whatever they tell him to do.  He could never find a job in the private sector making $120,000 per year like he makes as Alderman.  So he will do absolutely anything to keep his job.

We need to cleanse people like this from the system.