Athens: Our Future?

BBC News has a few shots of Athens.  On one of the photos there’s an interesting quote by on of the protesters.

“Even if they eat the flesh of the people, bankruptcy will not stop.  It will just get worse.  That is why we support a write off of the whole debt and to be free of the European Union.”

This is an interesting sentiment.  Perhaps the protester is upset that he (or she) is young and did little by way of voting to create the debt problem in the first place.  And yet they refuse to blame their parents and the voters of the previous generation who first caused and then continued down a path to bankruptcy.

It is either that or the protester simply doesn’t believe in taking any personal responsibility for decisions made; that debt is just something that one can just walk away from at any time.  That running up a huge debt that you cannot afford to pay and walking away is  just something that is completely acceptable.

Neither rational is good.

Our day is coming.  How will our youth react to the misdeeds of their parents?  Will they assign blame where it belongs or will they instead believe that just simply walking away is the best option?