Feds investigating finances of former Ald. Sandi Jackson: sources – Chicago Sun-Times

A federal financial probe of the once-politically powerful Jesse and Sandi Jackson has evolved into two separate investigations, with federal authorities taking an independent look at former Ald. Sandi Jackson, sources close to the probe told the Chicago Sun-Times.Included in the scrutiny of Sandi Jackson, who resigned from her 7th Ward aldermanic position last month, is her access and use of her husband’s congressional campaign money, including credit card charges, as well as the movement of money from one account to another, sources say.

via Chicago Sun-Times.

Anyone surprised?

Of course not.

Jesse Jr. and Sandi are getting exactly what they deserve.  For years they made themselves wealthy on the backs of the people they were suppose to serve.  They are the worst kind of people.

Maybe someday some enterprising prosecutor will open the books on the old man.  He’s not done a single good thing for the black community in 30 years.

Good riddance.