Obesity the Greatest Threat to National Security

?!  Really?

At the link is a quick video of a promo for an upcoming Dr. Oz.  We should get something out of the way early; Dr. Oz (IMHO) is a complete quack and why the FLOTUS would go on such a show is beyond me.  It’s beneath her and the position she holds.  But I guess that the internal polling must not be too good so out Michelle goes to throw herself at the afternoon television watching masses. a/k/a Democrat voters.

But I digress…

So Dr. Oz says something like, “I think the greatest threat to national security is obesity.” and Michelle responds, “‘Absolutely.”

?!  Not Al Qaeda.  Not radial Islam.  Not any other terrorists e.g. eco-terrorists.  Not global warming.  Not her husband.  Not Wikileaks.  Not right-wing militia groups.  Not crazy Libyans who killed Americans in Benghazi.  Not the Muslim Brotherhood who attacked our sovereign soil in Epygt.  No, none of these.

Donuts and french fries are our greatest threat to national security.

Axelrod better get out in front of this and start rolling it back.

My guess is that when the show airs that segment will be removed.

via Breitbart.