IL Voters in 10 counties Want Concealed Carry

Residents in some Illinois counties sent a message to lawmakers this week: Give citizens the right to carry concealed weapons.

Measures supporting concealed carry were on the ballot Tuesday in at least 10 mostly rural counties — Adams, Bond, Henry, McDonough, Mercer, Randolph, Rock Island, Schuyler, Stephenson and Warren — and passed overwhelmingly in every one.

The votes were nonbinding because local law cannot override state law. But advocates say they hope to build pressure on lawmakers to support concealed carry.

Illinois is the only state where carrying a concealed weapon is entirely illegal.


Hat Tip to Stranger over at Extrano’s Alley for the story.  Being in Cook County where it’s illegal to even think about owning a gun, I did not even know these referenda were on the ballot.

Kudos to the rest of the state for standing up to The Machine.