Black Friday Gun Sales Hit New Record High

Black Friday gun sales hit an all time record high last week with demand for new firearms so overwhelming that it caused outages at the FBI background check center on two separate occasions.

Fueled by fears that the Obama administration will go after gun rights during a lame duck term, the FBI reported 154,873 background check requests on Friday – a 20 per cent increase on last year’s record total of 129,166 checks.

via Infowars.

Good time to be in the gun manufacturing business.

US Guns Sales Booming

Mel Bernstein, owner of Dragonman Arms in Colorado Springs, told KOAA-TV that sales of semi-automatic weapons had boomed in recent days.

He said: “We’re going from normally six to eight guns a day, to 25. I stocked up, I got a stockpile of these AK-47s, we’re selling these like hot cakes. Luckily I had an idea of what was going on because it happened with Clinton.”

Mr Bernstein said he normally orders up to 7,000 rounds a week from distributors but could now only get hold of 3,000 because of demand.

John Kielbasa, owner of Fernwood Firearms in Hankins, New York, told CNN: “Sales are up. I had a guy waiting here first thing in the morning (the day after the election.) He came in, bought two AK-47s. It’s going to be good for me for business.”

via Telegraph.

Again from the U.K.  No U.S. paper wants to touch this right now.  They wrote all about it before the election when it would drive gun-control folks to the polls.  Now, it’s the other side of the sword; Obama is the greatest gun salesman of all time.

Even if Obama manages to slip something by the Congress the damage is done.  12.7 million background checks in 2008 alone.  The number’s only gone up… every year since.  Obama in office is responsible for 5 – 6 million new guns sales since 2008.  Crazy.