Dick Morris on Obama’s Motivations

There’s something too this:

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There is a similar situation going on with gun control in the states.  The argument is always”we need the federal government to control all guns because they travel from state to state.”

This is a common theme with people on the “Left.”  They realize that their policies are horrible and people will react by leaving.  So it’s always not enough to just destroy one state/country, they need to destroy the whole world.

Enter the UN.  Note that this week the brain trust at the UN said that we need a global tax to help the poor.

Beware the globalists.

#KillZimmerman: The Left is Silent

On March 24 a “KillZimmerman” Twitter account began publishing calls for violence against George Zimmerman, the self-appointed neighborhood watch captain who shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26.

Five days later, the account is still on its crusade to avenge Martin.

The sender’s initial tweets made his or her aims clear: “No Justice No Peace!!!!!!!!!! #KILLZIMMERMAN #KILLZIMMERMAN #KILLZIMMERMAN,” they read.

via The Daily Caller.

This is a problem.

Yesterday there was a post over at Althouse about how someone had taken a poll about the Martin/Zimmerman issue.  A Poll!!  We do NOT use POLLS to determine if someone is innocent or guilty!!

We are a nation of laws.  Our system is not perfect; but it does work.

And where is the MSM on this?  Where’s the left on this?

When Gabrielle Giffords was shot the MSM & the left were everywhere jumping up-and-down that it was all Sarah Palin’s fault.  Palin — love her or hate her — never, in any way, called for Giffords to be killed.

Here, this person is actually publicly calling for the assassination of another person.  Somehow that’s acceptable?  Is this really who we’ve become?