Teen Loses Stomach After Drinking Liquid Nitrogen

Gaby Scanlon, from Heysham, Lancashire, was celebrating her 18th birthday with friends at Oscar’s wine bar and bistro in Lancaster earlier this month when she drank two shots of the liqueur Jagermeister, which was laced with liquid nitrogen.  …

It was made popular by celebrity chefs, including Heston Blumenthal, and is completely harmless as a gas.  But if the nitrogen has not burned away fully, as a liquid it has the power to freeze objects in a matter of seconds.  Touching the liquid can give you severe cryogenic, or cold, burns.


Miss Scanlon said she felt fine after her first drink but suffered “excruciating pain” the moment she drank the second, offered to her by the bar man because it was her birthday.

via Business Insider.

From the UK.  But I’m still chalking this up to bad education.  Someone missed a very important lesson when she stayed home that day.  Had she seen the rose shatter maybe she would remember how dangerous this stuff really is.