How to Make More ‘Makers’

Joey Hudy, a young “maker” from Phoenix went to the White House this week to show off his project, the “Extreme Marshmallow Cannon.” When President Obama saw it, he told Joey: “Let’s try it.” Joey set up the air cannon, which uses a bicycle pump to build up air pressure, and put a marshmallow down the barrel. When he pressed the trigger, a single marshmallow was shot out across the room to the delight of everyone, but especially the president.

via  CNN Blogs.

This is a great story about how we need more young people (kids?) to be able to think creatively, differently.  This is especially necessary in our inner city school which appear to have a more homogeneous population.

Over at Chicago News Report a bunch of hate-filled racists took over the comment section of an otherwise civil blog.  Among the filth was an observation:

Almost every black teen has the same carbon copy personality….  There’s almost no black goths, or nerds, no black metalheads, they quash any difference within their community and make them fall in line … or else they get beat down or even killed.

I don’t know if that’s true — but if so, it’s a problem.

We need to encourage all children to take things apart just to see if you can put them back together.