Streetwise Launches Neighbor Carts

Rick Jones’ booming voice makes him hard to miss on the corner of Broadway and Wilson Avenue, where he shouts “fresh fruit” to passers-by rushing to and from the nearby Red Line station.

Neatly displayed apples, bananas, plums and strawberries line the stainless steel cart that sits behind him. Jones, a struggling veteran, was recruited by StreetWise — the ubiquitous street magazine sold by the needy — to help operate the cart as part of its latest program for at-risk Chicagoans.  …

Jones is one of seven trainees selected for Neighbor Carts, a new program designed to help unemployed, underemployed and other at-risk Chicagoans earn a paycheck while learning entrepreneurial business skills. StreetWise and Neighbor Capital, nonprofit organizations that focus on Chicago’s homeless and at-risk population, launched the program this summer.

via Chicago Tribune.

I’ve always liked Streetwise as an idea and as a company.  My understanding is that they are a little top-heavy; that too much money is spend on admin and offices, etc.  But they do good work.

Kudos to Mr. Jones and the Streetwise team.  Best of luck on your new endeavor.