Sun Times Editorial Board = Morons

I came across this while looking for something else:

Some critics have said this won’t make as much of a dent in pedestrian fatalities as Emanuel suggests, and they may be right. Citing statistics from a city pedestrian study, the Chicago Tribune found that more than half of the city’s 251 fatalities between 2005 and 2009 occurred outside Emanuel’s safety zones.

This is an argument for more cameras, not fewer. But if installing the cameras is all that’s done, it’s still worth it. Between 2005 and 2009, more than 7,700 pedestrian crashes occurred within one-eighth mile of a school or park, city data shows.

One life saved, one life-altering injury prevented, is more than enough. Studies clearly show that the lower the speed the more likely a pedestrian is to survive a crash.

via Editorial @ Chicago Sun-Times.

Really?  That’s the argument you want to go with?  “One life saved … is more than enough?”  Ok then, follow this dumb-asses.

If it is true that lower vehicle speed means greater pedestrian survival, then why stop at cameras?  What we should do is change the speed limit on all streets wherever pedestrians may be present to 5 MPH.  After all, one life saved is more than enough.  Effective immediately the speed limit on Michigan Ave, Sheridan Rd,  Roosevelt Rd, Halstead, Western, Harlem, Devon, Broadway, etc will be 5 MPH.  And the fine for speeding will be raised to $10,000.  Just think of the lives we can save.


If one really wanted to save pedestrian lives what we should do is (1) increase the training requirement for all licensed drivers in the state; (2) stop selling cars to people who cannot prove they have a valid drivers license and proof of insurance; (3) hire more police so that some (at least a few of them) can focus on traffic stops and not just run from 911 call to 911 call; and (4) strictly enforce the jaywalking laws already on the books.  Watch any corner downtown for 5 minutes and count the number of people crossing against the light.  It’s like their just begging to get run over.

We have to get beyond the notion that every car vs. person accident is the drivers fault.  When some jackass is trying to cross 4 (or more) lanes of Michigan Ave against the light and runs in front of a bus… well… they get what they have coming.  Most of the accidents in the city are not kids chasing a ball into the street.

Speed Cameras Save Children

Quinn pulls out an old line:

Gov. Pat Quinn gave Mayor Rahm Emanuel something he wanted Monday: the power to use cameras across nearly half of Chicago to nab speeding drivers and fine them as much as $100.  Questions linger about the effectiveness and scope of the speed camera plan, but the governor sought to frame the issue as being about protecting children, not raising revenue.  “I think that youve got to understand that if you save even one life, you are saving the whole world,” Quinn said during an appearance at a high school on the Far South Side.

via Chicago Tribune.

Reminds me of the Simpson’s: