Several Stabbed At NYC Subway Station

NYC Subway Stabbing
NYC Subway Stabbing

Three people were injured in a stabbing on the escalator of a subway station in Queens Wednesday morning.

An MTA spokesman said that Dina Saint-Fleur, 25, slashed at least two people after getting into a dispute on a J train around 8:45 a.m. Earlier reports indicated as many as seven people stabbed.

via CBS New York.

Mayor Bloomberg and his organization Mayors Against Handguns have so far been silent on this event.  New York, much like Chicago, has extremely onerous gun control laws.  However most criminals don’t appear to worry about obeying the law.  And then we have those that maybe can’t afford a gun yet.  So they carry knives.

Over 500 people get stabbed each year in Chicago.  No word on the knife control policy of Mayors Bloomberg and Rahm.