Chicago Teachers Union Wants to Strike

The Chicago Teachers Union says internal polling shows there is support for a strike if contract talks with Chicago Public Schools break down.

A new state law requires the union to get approval from 75 percent of its members before a strike, leading many to question if the union could muster support for a walkout.

CTU spokeswoman Stephanie Gadlin said members at several schools were polled.

“The preliminary results indicate that if a strike vote were held today, teachers in those schools would vote unanimously for a walkout,” Gadlin said.

via Chicago Tribune.

CTU’s voting block is just as out of touch as the Occupy Movement.

I wrote awhile back about how teachers are overpaid.  Now they want a 30% raise over two years.  Clueless or ambivalent to the financial state of affairs in this town, county, state, country.

I say go ahead and strike.  Show the world what you’re really all about.