Rise of Titan the World’s Fastest Supercomputer

After falling behind Asia and Europe in the great race, where success is measured in FLOPS floating-point operations per second, the US has struck back at the new high-tech Olympians with Titan: quite possibly the fastest supercomputer in the world.  …

All of that might now change, as a new supercomputing giant hailing from the Smokey Mountains was unveiled by the US Department of Energy’s DOE on Monday.  More than 10 times faster and five times more energy efficient than its predecessor Jaguar, Titan is the brainchild of the DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL, nestled in the Tennessee highlands.  Titan’s theoretical peak is 20 petaflops – 20 quadrillion calculations per second – with 299,008 CPUs central processing units and 18,688 graphics processing units GPUs spinning at breakneck speeds to make to make scientific breakthroughs in record times.

Titan’s blistering computation speed will be the equivalent of “the world’s 7 billion people being able to carry out 3 million calculations per second,” ORNL says.

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Hell Yeah!!

You all realize this is the Super Bowl of computers right?

Dem Voter Fraud Already Begining in Ohio

Two volunteer poll workers at an Ohio voting station told Human Events that they observed van loads of Ohio residents born in Somalia — the state is home to the second-largest Somali population in the United States — being driven to the voting station and guided by Democratic interpreters on the voting process. No Republican interpreters were present, according to these volunteers.  …

A source, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a volunteer outside the Morse Road polling center. She has witnessed Somalis who cannot speak English come to the polling center. They are brought in groups, by van or bus. The Democrats hand them a slate card and say, “vote Brown all the way down.” Given that Sherrod Brown is the incumbent Democrat Senator in Ohio, one can assume that this is the reference.Non-English speaking voters may use an interpreter. The interpreters are permitted by law to interpret for the individual voting; however, they are forbidden from influencing their vote in any way. Another source who also wishes to remain anonymous has seen Democrat interpreters show the non-English speaking Somalis how to vote the Democrat slate that they were handed outside. According to this second source, there are not any Republican Somali interpreters available.  …

According to the Somali Community Association of Ohio’s web site, over 45,000 Somalis live in Ohio. Only 40 percent have become citizens of the United States, and only 25 percent speak English well enough to get a job.The second source mentioned has seen voter intimidation at this same voting place. A Mitt Romney bus stopped near the voting center, approximately 30 Democrats who were outside handing out the slate cards rushed over to the bus. They yelled at the bus, and swarmed around its door when anyone attempted to exit the bus. This, from the “tolerant left.”

via Human Events.

No reason to wait until actual election day.  After all, Obama comes from Chicago where we’re all told to vote early and often.  No reason not to being stuffing the ballot box with illegal votes as soon as possible.

Crazy… just crazy.

More Dem on GOP Violence

ALTA LOMA, CA — Someone keyed the word “Obama” into two cars and slashed seats in another outside a residence that had Mitt Romney campaign signs.

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But wait, that’s not all you get:

Racine, WI — Before the event could get under way, though, organizers say a truck affixed with “Obama” stickers drove through the parking lot and dumped quantities of nails.

“We went outside and picked up what we could,” said Lou D’Abbraccio, holding a cup filled with nails. “But this was just wrong.”

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British Terror Cell Wanted to Violate Sharia Law for AK-47s

A British terror cell allegedly planned to buy five AK47 assault rifles by borrowing £100,000 in loans, a court heard.  …

In one conversation recorded by the police the group are discussing how to obtain weapons.

Naseer said that “out there in the market: “You can buy M16 you can buy AK.”

He added: “You can get grenades, you know grenades? Fifteen hundred pounds for one grenade.”

He said: “I’m trying to do that…take out loan.

“Get about 100 grand then you get four five AK’s ready.”  …

Naseer justified attacking non-believers because they have “sex like donkeys”, orgies and took drugs. He said: “They wanna you know have sex like donkeys on the street, they wanna club, act like animals and why shouldn’t we terrorise them, tell me that?”

via Business Insider.

Oh where to begin?

For the record, I don’t believe anything about this story.  It’s just too over the top.  I’m a big believer that truth is stranger than fiction but rarely does it play out so perfectly; impossibly perfectly.  Anyway…

It’s common knowledge that Sharia prohibits the fixed or floating payment or acceptance of specific interest or fees (known as riba, or usury) for loans of money.  So it makes me wonder how these Islamists were going to take a loan for the weapons.  Unless of course they are hypocrites.

Next, what are they talking about buying these military grade weapons that are illegal in the UK, and in the US, and well just about everywhere?  How is this possible?  How can someone acquire something that is illegal?

As for the donkeys, I’ll let you draw you’re own conclusions.

The Coming Bond Bubble (Is Going to be Huge)

Europe is on the ropes as investors shun peripheral euro-area government debt. In the United States, interest rates are fixed at zero, and government bonds are arguably already quite far along in an epic 30-years-and-running bull market.

Given the state of global debt markets and the apparent lack of value across the investment landscape, it’s easy to see why interest has turned to emerging economies.

via Business Insider.

So begins an article that’s no where near long enough to explain what’s really happening.  It’s just the facts; the analysis is missing.  I’m not economist but here’s how I see this:

Gabriel Sterne, an economist at the frontier-market brokerage firm Exotix, told Business Insider, “You get some of these big funds – a lot of the funds in the States – just getting these inflows every month. What do they do with them? They tend to just double up and put them in [emerging markets].”

Sterne went on, saying, “In the absence of any bad news, there is not enough supply out there, so yields just fall down.”

UBS rates strategists Bhanu Baweja, Stephen Mo, and Nicholas Smithie were lamenting the lack of “distressed” investment opportunities around the world right now – given all of the recent interest in EM debt and assets – in a note to clients Wednesday.

The strategists highlighted a major dilemma that investors in emerging markets now face:

Consumer staples in EM trade at 20 times future earnings. Mexican stocks are 33% above pre crisis highs, South African equities are impervious even as the weakness in the labour markets become manifest. Implied currency volatility is at post crisis lows despite the trade cycle remaining very weak.

10 year paper of some non investment grade sovereign names in Asia trades at a spread well below 100 bps. Ukraine debt has been amongst the top performers in recent months with little to show for it from within the country. Bolivia can issue 10y paper below 5 pc. We can honestly say that we would not have predicted 5 years back that this day would come.

There are worse things in life than being an asset manager sitting on continued inflows, but given where assets trade, security selection can’t be that straight forward today. Are things getting silly, and if so, is that true across all asset classes? Is anything still distressed out there?

In other words, it’s getting harder and harder for investment managers to find good value opportunities in emerging markets as money flows into those economies.

I have an old friend who’s told many a story where the ending is, “If you have more than one girlfriend you really don’t have any.”  Not to make investing like relationships, but if you can’t find any distressed investments, then all investment options are distressed.  The bottom line is that everything is overpriced and nothing is safe.

America’s boomers are nearing retirement and they are flooding the system with money.  Lots and lots of money.  Professional investors are looking for places to put all this money and they’ve driven up the prices of everything to the point of absurdity.  Bolivian bonds under 5%.

There is so much money out there that it’s essentially free.  So we’re stretching the rubber-band putting more and more and more money into the system and simply doesn’t know what to do with more money.  Sooner or later something is going to have to give.  What’s happening is that the system is getting less and less stable; more people are taking greater risks simply because there is no other alternative.

I don’t believe it’s possible to predict (with any accuracy) exactly when a bubble will burst.  But we’re going to see a world-wide financial melt-down like nothing the world has ever seen before.  We’re going to see it soon.

An Intimate Photo Essay of Ann Romney

She said: ‘When I was first diagnosed with MS and my husband was taking care of me, he discovered rotisserie chicken.

‘Rotisserie chicken is every cooks best friend,’ she said. ‘You want to buy it at the end of your shopping so it doesn’t heat up the food that’s in the rest of your basket.’

via Daily Mail Online.

Again, the UK press.

Why is no American journalist carrying this story or anything similar?


When Ann wore a stunning red Oscar de la Renta to the RNC, there was not a peep from his PR team, while we received several notices about Michelle’s DNC wardrobe from Tracey Reese and Laura Smalls respectively. When Romney wore a printed Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, DVF’s PR team not only ignored it, but effectively distanced themselves from her saying they were “not quite sure how she obtained the dress.

The U.S. media is actively ignoring Ann Romney.

Someone try to tell me there is no media bias.

Obama a Real Contributor to Subprime Loan Failures

President Barack Obama was a pioneering contributor to the national subprime real estate bubble, and roughly half of the 186 African-American clients in his landmark 1995 mortgage discrimination lawsuit against Citibank have since gone bankrupt or received foreclosure notices.

As few as 19 of those 186 clients still own homes with clean credit ratings, following a decade in which Obama and other progressives pushed banks to provide mortgages to poor African Americans.

via The Daily Caller.

Kudos to The Daily Caller for putting together this incredibly well researched piece about Obama being one of the lawyers who sued Citibank to make sub-prime loans.

That this story is being written in 2012 and not 2008, and by a small independent website and not by any of the major media outlets is a complete indictment of our entire media system.

I can remember when I stopped watching The Daily Show.  It was shortly before the 2008 election and Michelle Obama was the guest.  After she comes out, the first question John Stewart asks is something like, “Tell us something we don’t know about you?” and the crowed goes wild.  It was an sardonic arrow aimed at those who were screaming to anyone who would listen, ‘What do we really know about these people?’

The truth Mr. Stewart, is we knew very little about these people.  We still know very little about these people.  It’s a same that the media didn’t do its job 4 years ago and any time since.  So because you ignored your responsibilities for the last 4 years someone has now produced some facts showing how:

  • Obama sued Citibank forcing it to make bad, sub-prime loans;
  • Many of those loans failed, including nearly half of those plaintiffs in the Obama case;
  • The sub-prime loan failures led to the collapse of the entire mortgage system causing the greatest economic crisis since the great depression.

Mr. Obama help create the problem he inherited.

That is what the press should be reporting.