Eat, Drink, & Be Merry For Tomorrow We Die

Back on Monday I had a fairly lengthy email exchange with a colleague.  In addition to a prediction of the race he wanted something a little more down the trough so to speak.  I told him that if Obama won it would be the beginning of the end of our beloved U.S of A.

I have a quote on my foundations page:

A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury.  From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.
— Attributed to Alexander Fraser Tytler


It appears the American people have spoken: they want the free lunch; they believe we can eat the rich;  they demand their free phones and it really doesn’t matter who’s paying for it… as long as it’s not them.  They want a pot on every stove and a chicken in every pot.  They understand nothing of finance or economics other than to know that someone else should pay.  The government has trillions; they should get theirs’.  It’s a lot like Kramer explaining a write-off to Jerry on Seinfeld.  The American people don’t know where the money comes from and frankly don’t care.  The government has the money.  The government knows what it’s doing.  I’m voting for the guy who’s going to make sure that I get mine.

I spoke with a friend this afternoon who told me about Santa Claus.  I’m not a huge Rush fan but it is so dead on the money.

But first, let me tell you, small things beat big things yesterday. Conservatism, in my humble opinion, did not lose last night. It’s just very difficult to beat Santa Claus. It is practically impossible to beat Santa Claus. People are not going to vote against Santa Claus, especially if the alternative is being your own Santa Claus.

Now, everybody is jumping on Romney’s chain today, getting in his chili. Look, he may have not been the most optimal candidate, but he’s a fine man. He would have been great for this country. Mitt Romney and his family would have been the essence of exactly what this country needs. But what was Romney’s recipe? Romney’s recipe was the old standby: American route to success, hard work. That gets sneered at. I’m sorry. In a country of children where the option is Santa Claus or work, what wins? And say what you want, but Romney did offer a vision of traditional America. In his way, he put forth a great vision of traditional America, and it was rejected. It was rejected in favor of a guy who thinks that those who are working aren’t doing enough to help those who aren’t. And that resonated.

via Rush Limbaugh.

Is that not accurate?

We don’t want to work.  We want life to be easy.  We want to believe that rich people did not earn their money.  We want the government to take care of us, keep us safe.  We have a tax code that punishes saving and savers — people who save their money get their social security taxed at a higher rate than those who spend their money.  We go out of our way to accommodate irresponsibility at every turn; everyone deserves a second chance… or a third… or a fourth…

And so a great many celebrated last night.  Indeed!! Eat, drink, & be merry for tomorrow we die.  First you will kill the producers; the so called “rich” who take most of the financial risk in this country.  Then you will punish the banks, those who also make money by taking a financial risk.  As the economy fails the masses will demand safety and comfort from their government giving up more and more freedoms along the way.  We, our government, will force more taxes and restrictions on the dwindling number of producers — you cannot fire people, you cannot make more than $1,000,000 per year, etc.  It will never be enough.  More regulations, less freedom.  More demands by the populous; less to go around.

Congratulations America.  You’re witnessing the beginning of your end.

So by all means eat, drink, and be merry… for tomorrow we all shall die.

More Dem on GOP Violence

ALTA LOMA, CA — Someone keyed the word “Obama” into two cars and slashed seats in another outside a residence that had Mitt Romney campaign signs.

via CBS Los Angeles.

But wait, that’s not all you get:

Racine, WI — Before the event could get under way, though, organizers say a truck affixed with “Obama” stickers drove through the parking lot and dumped quantities of nails.

“We went outside and picked up what we could,” said Lou D’Abbraccio, holding a cup filled with nails. “But this was just wrong.”

via Mount Pleasant.



An Intimate Photo Essay of Ann Romney

She said: ‘When I was first diagnosed with MS and my husband was taking care of me, he discovered rotisserie chicken.

‘Rotisserie chicken is every cooks best friend,’ she said. ‘You want to buy it at the end of your shopping so it doesn’t heat up the food that’s in the rest of your basket.’

via Daily Mail Online.

Again, the UK press.

Why is no American journalist carrying this story or anything similar?


When Ann wore a stunning red Oscar de la Renta to the RNC, there was not a peep from his PR team, while we received several notices about Michelle’s DNC wardrobe from Tracey Reese and Laura Smalls respectively. When Romney wore a printed Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, DVF’s PR team not only ignored it, but effectively distanced themselves from her saying they were “not quite sure how she obtained the dress.

The U.S. media is actively ignoring Ann Romney.

Someone try to tell me there is no media bias.

“Obama, Romney – Same Police State”

Johnson’s first point was that the US political system is in desperate need of transparency.  Whether Obama or Romney is elected next month, he told the audience, we will still have “a heightened police state in the US.”  And Obama and Romney are guaranteed to continue American military interventions abroad, he added.

via RT.

Indeed.  Obama and Romney are more alike than different when you consider the other ideas being bantered about.  Such as:

However, [Johnson] saw taxing marijuana as one alternative to outlawing it. “I have drank alcohol,” he said, “and I have smoked marijuana. … I can tell you that in no category is marijuana more dangerous than alcohol – yet we are arresting 1.8 million people a year on drug-related crimes.” He claimed that fully half of the US court and prison budget every year goes to drug-related offenses, and asked, rhetorically, “to what end?”

I would love a presidential candidate to come forward and tell the American people directly that the war on drugs has been an epic failure.

Johnson repeated throughout the debate that thanks to American wars abroad, the US has unnecessarily made millions of enemies around the world.  The use of the military, he said, is to defend the country, not invade other nations.

I would love a presidential candidate to come forward and tell the American people directly that our foreign policy of intervening in everyone else’s affairs has been an epic failure.

“The biggest threat to our national security is that we’re bankrupt,” he told the audience….

I would love a presidential candidate to come forward and tell the American people directly that our debt is a national security issue.

Kudos to Gary Johnson.  Such a shame that the GOP and Dem and MSM just ignore you.

Democrat Voter Fraud in Florida & a Beating in WI

[Republican] Voters are getting letters that look like they are from local elections offices, questioning their citizenship. But Local 6 has learned the letters are fake, and they are going out across Central Florida and other parts of the state.

Officials said the voters who have received the letters thus far are white, registered Republicans who consistently vote in elections.

“This is a major concern,” said Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Mike Ertel, who received a letter from a voter mailed from Seattle with no return address. “You should not expect a letter from your elections office saying, ‘You’re not registered to vote, please don’t go to the polls.’  That’s ridiculous.”

The supervisor of elections in Collier County said some residents there have also received hoax letters.

Inside the letter is the resident’s supervisor of election’s name, the resident’s name and address, and a warning that doubts the voter’s citizenship, saying the resident is not eligible to vote unless a letter is returned in an enclosed form within 15 days.

via WKMG Orlando.

This surprises no one.

Think about this for just one second.  The bogus letters are sent to “white, registered Republicans who consistently vote in elections.”  Who has access to that information?  Sure, it’s available at the local board of elections but not easy to pull together into a mail-merge.  This is a sophisticated effort by someone who has a copy of the electronic voter database.  That’s not easy to come by.

Very creepy.  But this (I guess) is the lengths some people will go to to win an election.  And if the fraud doesn’t work, they just beat some people up and put them in the hospital.  People in the hospital don’t vote right?

State Senator Neal Kedzie says his son was attacked while trying to stop someone from stealing his Romney/Ryan yard sign.

Whitewater Police tell NBC15 News this is an active investigation.

Here is the statement released by Senator Neal Kedzie:

Early on Friday morning, October 19th, my son Sean was awakened by noises outside his residence in Whitewater. As he went to see what the commotion was about, he noticed an individual removing a Romney/Ryan yard sign from his property. He yelled to the person that they were taking something not theirs and to return it immediately.

The individual returned the sign, however, a second person confronted and attacked Sean without warning.

Sean was wrestled to the ground by both persons, held down by a constricting chokehold, and struck repeatedly about the face and head.

He nearly passed out from the chokehold and suffered contusions to his face and eyes.

Fortunately, an alert neighbor heard the commotion, scared the individuals away, and called the police.

My wife and I were awakened by a telephone call from Sean’s roommate that Sean had been taken by ambulance to Fort Atkinson Memorial Hospital.

via NBC 15, Madison WI

They say if you resort to violence
then you’ve already lost.
—  Sean Connery as Capt. John Connor, Rising Sun

Given the continued threats of violence should Obama not win it’s safe to say our fair nation is losing its soul.  The media has given a voice to those believe they can govern through raw power and fear.

Something is very very wrong here.  A lack of proper education, poor social values, a biased and weak willed media system, and a general lack of civility can sink the country.  We’re very very close.

Scary times.

Mitt Romney Banner Hung on Willis Tower

John Rukavina, 74, a Local 1 ironworker — who claims to have put up “every antenna and tower in Chicago since Marina Towers in 1974” — affixed a Romney banner as well as an American flag on the ABC antenna on Willis Tower minutes after it was completed Sept. 30.

“The flag is a symbol — an old ironworker’s custom — which is hung if the job went well,” said Rukavina, who said he worked on the Sears Tower antenna in 1978. He’s also worked on the John Hancock Center and New York’s World Trade Center.

“I promised my sister, Anna, a year ago I would use the burial flag of her husband, a World War II Navy veteran, when we topped off the antenna,” he told Sneed.

“But I didn’t tell anyone I was going to put up the Romney poster. I did that on my own and it was hard going. The wind was blowing like crazy that day,” he said. “But I wanted to make that gesture the last thing I did.

via Sun-Times.

Pretty cool regardless of your politics.

How Carter Beat Reagan

Remember when Jimmy Carter beat Ronald Reagan in 1980?  …

In a series of nine stories in 1980 on “Crucial States” — battleground states as they are known today — the New York Times repeatedly told readers then-President Carter was in a close and decidedly winnable race with the former California governor. And used polling data from the New York Times/CBS polls to back up its stories.Four years later, it was the Washington Post that played the polling game — and when called out by Reagan campaign manager Ed Rollins a famous Post executive called his paper’s polling an “in-kind contribution to the Mondale campaign.” Mondale, of course, being then-President Reagan’s 1984 opponent and Carter’s vice president.

All of which will doubtless serve as a reminder of just how blatantly polling data is manipulated by liberal media — used essentially as a political weapon to support the liberal of the moment, whether Jimmy Carter in 1980, Walter Mondale in 1984 — or Barack Obama in 2012.

via The American Spectator.

Simply Amazing!  Go read the entire story.

The MSM lacks the ability to be embarrassed at themselves.